Living your Life Purpose

Who am I …?

Who am I ….? 

Are you bursting with ideas when it comes to taking a new step in your career or business? But do they almost immediately go into the wastebasket because of all the ‘yes-buts’ and the ‘what-ifs’ hat immediately arise?

Are you wrestling with…

I’m not good enough 

Who am I …? 

There are so many others who already do this (and who probably do it much better) 

I have no experience

I don’t have the qualifications

I’ll have to start at the bottom again

I’ll never be able to earn a good income doing ….

Goodbye inspiration, goodbye ideas, goodbye dreams.

And you end up staying right where you are – even if it makes you unhappy and maybe even sick.

I can’t remember how many times I let myself be misled by the limiting beliefs I had about myself.

All the dreams I pushed aside because I was convinced it wasn’t for me. All the missed opportunities and possibilities because I let fear prevail.

The results were that I underestimated myself and kept myself small. I opted for the safety of my comfort zone because that was the easier way. But it was also a painful way. And a sad one.

Because somewhere deep down I knew I had so much to offer.

I wasn’t living my highest potential and I knew that I was seriously failing myself (and others!).

So many other women find themselves in this vicious cycle as well.

Like Iris … 

Iris called me at the end of last year because she felt completely stuck. She hadn’t really enjoyed her work at a law firm for years. After working as a lawyer for more than 10 years all her enthusiasm was completely gone and the job drained her of all her energy.

So, now what? was her big question.

She didn’t really know much else outside of the legal profession.

And that’s where the gremlins came in:

  • I can’t do anything else
  • I won’t get anywhere without the proper experience
  • Who’s waiting for someone who’s only worked at law firms? (yes, she literally said this!)
  • I’ll have to take a step back (and I won’t be able to pay my mortgage anymore)

Do her gremlins sound familiar? Do thoughts like this keep you away from fulfilling your life’s mission, your “Why”?

This is a very normal part of waking up to your biggest dreams and your highest potential – the fear, the questions, the doubt.

I have learned that support is crucial to take that leap of faith in yourself and your dreams. It’s a necessary part of releasing the “Who am I to want this?” gremlin.

And while I would love to give you every single possible reason you are feeling this way, I find that it’s not the best type of support.

So let’s start with a chat! Book a Soul Alignment Session so you can begin to step fully into Who YOU are and let go of the “Who am I …?”.

Because here’s the real truth:

Who are you NOT to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous? Your playing small really doesn’t serve the world!

Curious what happened to Iris?

She really put a lot of effort into researching other possibilities and networking. Within 3 months of working with her she found a great new job in local government where she is a management consultant. When I talked to her a few months later she told me “I never dared to dream that I could find a job where all my interests, talents and skills come together so perfectly!”


  1. Margreet Verheij

    Leuk om het een gremlin te noemen @Gertrud daarmee maak je het meteen visueel. Waar ik wel benieuwd naar ben,.. What happened to Iris??

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