What I do

Clearing, healing and transforming old patterns, programming and limiting beliefs, so you can thrive in your business, career and life

Maybe you recognize this: 

Would you like nothing more than to start and/or grow your business so you can make a difference in this world doing what you love most? Or are you dreaming of a career in which you can use your gifts and talents to make this world a better place for all of us? But you feel blocked, scared and maybe frustrated because you’re not flourishing the way you’d imagined and are longing for? 

Maybe you’ve been doing personal development and transformational work (such as coaching, therapy, trainings, and workshops) for many years. But you’re still struggling with certain themes that keep showing up in your life and limiting you.

If that’s the case you’re probably encountering old patterns and programming that are driven by old ‘wounds’. These are imbedded on a deeper level in your subconscious and can be pretty difficult to clear and heal with coaching and therapy. 

I often say it this way: if you keep cutting the weeds, they will continue to grow back as long as you don’t pull out the roots. Believe me, I’ve been doing a lot of weedcutting in my life 😉

During my own constant struggle and search for happiness and experiencing inner peace I tried many modalities and techniques. Every single one of them brought me insights and helped me clean up ‘old junk’. However, many of them I found too superficial, too time-consuming or too complicated to apply. So I kept searching ;-).

 Over the past few years I found and learned simple yet powerful techniques to clear and heal old emotional pain I didn’t even know I had. Without having to know what the experience was exactly or having to relive each and every one of them, I was able to start healing my own core emotional wounding. 

 This has brought me more happiness, well-being, abundance and a sense of inner peace. But maybe the most important benefit for me has been feeling a sense of freedom I had never felt before. The freedom and confidence I needed to take steps in my business and my life.

Gertrud de Witte - Soulful Business Woman 2


In my work, whether it be individual sessions or group calls, I combine over 13 years of coaching and therapy with deeper clearing and healing work.

The clearing/healing modality I mainly use is called The Compassion Key©, and I am the first practitioner in the Netherlands to offer this method. I also use ThetaHealing©, Ancestral Clearing, and various other methods. Whatever is needed to get the job done ;-).

These modalities are based on the Systemic Work of Bert Hellinger (family and organizational constellations), ‘ancestral clearing’, energy work and techniques based on forgiveness and self-compassion. It’s subtle work on deeper layers that can bring forth profound shifts. Sometimes the shift is there immediately and sometimes after a few days or longer.

During a session you will acknowledge and heal your wounded aspects and/or younger versions of yourself that still hold the energy of old pain, trauma and emotions. Without having to relive them you will heal these parts, by dissolving and releasing the energy that got stuck in your body, in your nervous system and your cells. These can be experiences or so-called ‘imprints’ of (early) childhood and life experiences, experiences your ancestors had or experiences from other times and places (karmic imprints).

These old energies, emotions and wounds are impacting your happiness and can create physical discomfort and illness, mental and emotional pain, limiting beliefs, stress and anxiety, or problems in your work, relationships and finances.

Clients have described all kinds of positive changes in their lives: improvements in their health, financial situation, business/career, relationships and they experience wonderful synchronicities. Stress and anxiety diminishes, they have  more inner peace, self-confidence and trust in the future. And I also hear about events that you could label as spontaneous manifestations or even miracles: financial windfalls, unexpected promotions or long-term relationships that take a different turn.

One of my teachers summed it up very nicely:

“Maybe all the perfections are here already, you only need to clear out the imprints.”