The #1 Reason Smart, Talented, Purpose-Driven Women Burn Out

The #1 Reason Smart, Talented, Purpose-Driven Women Burn Out

Dear Beautiful Soul,

There are hidden, not often spoken about fears and frustrations of millions of women worldwide.

So many women, especially smart, conscious women, hold back and then blame themselves for not bringing into the world what they feel deep inside. Or maybe they don’t have ‘What’s Next’ quite clear yet, but they do know deep down that they have so much more to offer.

If you don’t live up to your deepest desires, you may experience a high degree of stress or even end up in severe burnout. What the number one cause of burnout among smart, talented women is?

Not living your Soul’s Purpose …

Research shows that the most prevalent reason why women feel burnout is that they don’t live their ‘Why’. Many women feel inhibited or even blocked by invisible barriers. They find it hard to get clear on their life purpose and to cultivate it.

Despite many great achievements to be proud of, there is a common thread in the stories I hear from my smart, creative, self-confident clients – they don’t experience the happiness and fulfillment in their career and life they had hoped for.

It’s a feeling of disappointment that life is somehow not as good as it could be.

Maybe you recognize some of these feelings:

  • Even though you know you’re creative and talented, you don’t use it the way you’d like to.
  • Even though you earn a good income, it would be much more satisfying if you earned your money doing work that really makes you happy
  • You don’t feel that you make a significant contribution in what you do, and would like to be of service more for others and/or create a better world.
  • Even though you know you’re creative and talented, you don’t use your gifts the way you’d like to

Many years ago I was in that place too. I had a demanding career in marketing, but over the years all the targets, budgets and market shares just felt empty. Even though it was an exciting, challenging job, my heart just wasn’t in it anymore and I ended up burned out and on sick leave. Eventually I knew that I needed to make a big change and follow my heart.

So, it is TIME to let go off stress, burn out, confusion about ‘what to do next’, self-doubt, and keeping yourself small.

It’s TIME to move beyond settling and fully claim your talents, your passion(s), and your unique gifts.

It is possible!

If you’re ready to connect with your Soul’s Purpose, book your complimentary Soul Alignment Session with me. We will uncover what your blocks are to having the business and life you always dreamed of.

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