Activate your Superpowers

Are you wasting your Superpowers?

Let me start by asking you a few questions. 

Take a moment to bring your attention inside. Tune into your body when you ask yourself these questions and rate them on a scale of 0-10. There’s no wrong answer here, just see how you feel about them in this moment:

  • How confident do you feel to BRING your Gifts and Talents into the world?
  • How confident do you feel to CHARGE for your Gifts and Talents? 

And if your numbers are lower than you’d like them to be:

  • What is holding you back from sharing your gifts and/or charging your worth?

Too many women still settle for mediocre jobs and businesses, doing something they don’t love. And they know they are not fully connected to their Superpowers and Purpose. 

Or they ARE doing what they love but can’t pay the bills.

If this is you, you may feel unfulfilled, disappointed (probably in yourself mostly), burned out or depressed. And needless to say, this can have a huge impact on your health and wellbeing. 

Over the years I’ve talked to so many women who have made career decisions based on logic, practicalities or pressure. Maybe that is also the case for you?

Let’s look at the 4 reasons that have you feeling unfulfilled, because of the choices that you may have made:

1)  You’ve made decisions based on what you studied, while that isn’t what makes you happy NOW. You had no idea back then, and you still may not. 

I always did wonder how we were able to make the right choice for our field of study (and for the rest of our lives!) being only 17 or 18 years old? Or even younger, depending on the educational system in your country. 

It’s a huge pressure on adolescents and young adults and they feel they have to make a decision for life – and worse: many feel as if they need to stick to that for the rest of their career! Because they believe they don’t have any other talents or options.

2)  Your parents convinced you to choose something practical or something that would guarantee a good income

But was it really an area that lit YOU up on the inside? Or lights you up still TODAY?
Maybe you wanted to study architecture, but that wasn’t for girls …

Or you had a dream of being an artist, but they told you there was no future in the arts. And so you settled for a degree in Business or Sociology.

3)  The third reason for feeling unfulfilled is that your career, job or business decisions are based on what was expected from your parents or caregivers, and later maybe also a partner, friends, and so on. 

Maybe you were expected to follow in your father’s footsteps and take over the family business. Or you come from a long line of primary school teachers and you felt obligated to walk that same path. But was it also YOUR heart’s desire?

4)  You chose your next career steps based on what seems like the most logical route based on previous experience, jobs and ego choices

So many women tell me: “This job led to that one and then this opportunity presented itself, you know how it goes …. I never had to go job hunting” 

Or:  They asked me if could take up this other position so I said ‘yes’. It was offered to me and it stroked my ego, so why not?”. Or: “They gave me a raise so I decided to stay” 

And many feel they never really made a conscious choice that came from their heart. 

Reasons 1 and 4 were also part of my journey. I was lucky that my parents let me study whatever I wanted. But I got in my own way, and it took me 2 career switches, getting burned out more than once, and a lot of heartache to finally recognize my gifts and talents. 

And it took many more years to finally trust these gifts. To use them in a way that really lights me up. 

And to trust that I can use them to make a living.

It’s my personal experience that if you build your business or career around what you think you NEED to do, you’ll lose energy. And it may have been right or even perfect for you at the time. But things change. YOU change! 

We all evolve and everything you’ve learned and done before has brought you to where you are now. All this has contributed to developing your gifts and talents as they are now.

Know that Source, the Universe doesn’t want you to do anything less than what makes you feel ECSTATIC!

I feel that our business or our career is an energetic extension of us and our Soul blueprint. It’s the physical conduit through which we deliver our unique gifts and deeper purpose into the world. It provides the vehicle through which we can authentically express our purpose and our Divinity.

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