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The True Message of your Inner Critic 

And What It REALLY Needs To Heal

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What we'll cover:

Join me live in this free 90-minute call, where we’ll debunk these and many other myths around your inner critic.

Inner Critic
Gertrud de Witte - Soulful Business Woman

Gertrud de Witte

Transformation Coach, Therapist and Energy Healer

"My passion is to help smart, talented and soul-centered women like you heal your subconscious blocks, programming and limiting beliefs so you can awaken to your highest potential, live your Soul's Purpose and make the difference you came here to make"

The True Message of your Inner Critic

(and what it REALLY needs to heal)

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Join me for this Clearing Session that will help you to free yourself from limiting beliefs, old patterns and programming that are holding you back from thriving in your business, career and life. Often these are core emotional woundings which were developed from childhood experiences, ancestral burdens and karmic imprints, blocking you from living a deeply fulfilling and happy life.

During this call we’ll do deep energy clearing work on Self-Criticism; the Gremlins or negative self-talk that keeps you from moving forward, stepping into your greatness and fulfilling your dreams.  

Isn’t it time to stop surviving and working so hard? Time to get out of the constant anxiety, fear and overwhelm that your inner critic brings forth?  In order to do so you need to turn inside where the only true healing can take place. When you heal the wounded aspects that live inside of you (in your DNA, your nervous system, your cells), you will begin to experience more self-compassion, ease,  flow and abundance in many areas of your life. 

What my clients say

More Joy and Ease in my Business and my Income has Increased!

“Before I started the sessions, I had years with a lot of anxiety due to an imminent shortage of income. The higher the pressure, the less productive I became. I so longed for inner peace and relaxation, and being able to do my work with joy and ease. The sessions brought experiences to the surface that had unconsciously caused a lot of tension, and I’m so grateful I was able to release it. Since the sessions with Gertrud my business income has increased and I’ve regained my joy and sense of flow. Gertrud’s guidance is professional, pleasant and feels safe and I can recommend her and her work to everyone!”

Marieke – Entrepreneur & Coach

She uncovered my Money Blocks in a Few Minutes

“Gertrud creates a loving and safe space that has allowed me to be fully present during the session with her. The unknown blocks were uncovered in just minutes and it is only the beginning of a great shift I am feeling about my finances and business. I would recommend anyone willing to expand and get liberated from false beliefs to connect and work with Gertrud and her beautiful gifts 🌺☀️😍.” 


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