Desires vs. Goals and How We Get Stuck

Today I want to clarify the difference between your desires and your goals.

First let us start with desires…

Desires lie much deeper than wishes or goals. Desire comes from your heart, your core, your being, your essence. If you would approach it more spiritually, you could say that it is a result of what you have come to do here on earth, perhaps even your Soul’s purpose. 

What about the often celebrated and highly sought after goals?

Goals are all mental. They are usually created from the mind, the rational, the ego. Goals are often an external measure of success. Maybe it is what is expected of us and often they are also practical, material matters. Maybe it’s a new job, more money or a nice partner. 

What I have found to be a paradigm shift when it comes to goal setting is to start from our deepest desire, and THEN create our goals from there. This way, you’ll feel more connected to your goals and they will be very powerful catalyzers. As a result, there is much more power behind your goals to actually achieve them. So, do you want a new job or business close to home, with an awesome income? Or do you want a job or business that will fulfill you and bring more meaning to your life? Maybe both? 

As a Soulful Woman, you’ll value making a meaningful contribution, in your own unique way. It doesn’t matter how big or seemingly small your dreams are. As long as you’re doing it with heart and soul, you’ll feel good about it and about yourself. 

Until we hit all sorts of obstacles… such as FEAR.

Fear pulls us back and makes us feel stuck. Our deepest desires stay deeply hidden within us and don’t come to fruition if we keep believing in our own fears. We procrastinate, settle for a business or job we’re not happy with.   

Anthony Robbins talks about ‘the dance between your deepest desires and your fears”. It’s a continuous movement that’s happening between the two. 

So, on a deeper level there are all kinds of saboteurs at work to make sure things don’t go the way you want them to. 

And therefore you may not be living the life you would like to live. 

And that this is a great source of our suffering these days. We’re surviving instead of truly living our dreams and Soul’s desires. I think it’s safe to say we all have these moments in our lives. But that is not what we are here for, to suffer. I am really convinced of that.

So, to help you get a headstart on your dreams, desires and goals for this new year, I am going to take you through a powerful process to help you make them manifest. And we may also do some clearing work around our intentions so we can clear the path to an awesome 2021! 

If you’d also like to release the past, connect to your truest desires for aligned goal setting for this new year, join me this Tuesday January 19th at 1pm Eastern / 5pm Central European time.

I will be sharing this live process in my private Soulful Business Woman FB group so make sure you mark your calendar and join us then and there live!

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