Are you staying under the radar?

There are many different ways in which fear of being visible manifests. It is different for each of us, since we all perceive the world in a unique way due to our upbringing, culture, conditioning and personal values. Often times it is seen as a fear of showing yourself to the world, of taking responsibility for your purpose and desires. 

Many of the fears I discovered women struggle with most, are related and intertwined. It can be fear of success, fear of making a stand and making your voice heard. It can show up as a fear of being vulnerable, fear of being seen as a fraud (the impostor syndrome), fear of disappointing others, and fear of being criticized or made fun of. 

Most of these fears boil down to not being enough, a lack of self-esteem and on a deeper level to our sense of worthiness. Not a very happy message I’m afraid, and I do want you to know that you’re not alone in this. So many women deal with worthiness issues, and I know them very well myself. Let’s say we’re all in ‘worthiness recovery’ 😘.

As a Soulful entrepreneur, it can show up as asking too low prices for your services, having trouble with sales conversations, not wanting to be present online, afraid to write and distribute blogs about what you have to offer. Networking is not your favorite thing to do, and you might not even talk about your business with friends or family. 

Fear of making yourself visible makes your life harder, keeps you under the radar and afraid of actually achieving success. You probably feel alone in it, unclear and stuck, wondering if any of this is actually worth it and if you shouldn’t quit all together. 

The good news is that fear of visibility can be overcome. Here’s four steps you can take:

1. Make repeated small acts of courage 

To struggle with fear is human, we all know fear. It is part of who we are and how we evolved. 

However, we are not without power. It comes from our active decision to change the way we react to fear and take decisions, despite the fearful dialogue in the back of our mind. In other words, it is about acting out of courage, rather than fear. 

The good news is that courage is a muscle you can train, and can be improved upon. 

2. Be compassionate with yourself

As said, struggling with fear is something we all know.

The key to this growth process is that courage and confidence are built over time, and you’ll want to be patient with yourself.

So, while taking your small acts of courage, allow yourself to take your time with this, because during this process you’ll need to give yourself patience, compassion and love. 

3. Reach out for support

With something as deep as fear of being visible, many women try to handle it by themselves. Because we feel like we can and we should, right? 

But this is not something that you can easily discover, manage and overcome by yourself. And that is perfectly fine! 

I had to learn that asking for help and support actually means that I am taking myself seriously. Getting guidance, support and accountability will make the entire process of overcoming fear of visibility a lot easier. 

4. Clear out your basement

This is the most crucial step. Next to all the practical steps you can take, you also need to realize that your visibility (and any other) blocks are rooted deeply in your subconscious. And you can’t fix a molded wall by just wallpapering over it. Sure, it’s out of sight for a while, but as long as the real problem isn’t fixed, the mold will soon surface again .

So, you’ll want to release and heal all the hurts and wrongs around making yourself seen and heard. If you want to free yourself from the programming that causes you to hide yourself and your gifts, you have to clear out the basement, the imprints that you still carry inside. Only then will you experience true change and true freedom to shine your brightest light.

Give these four steps a try, and let me know how it goes. 

Remember, there is a direct relationship with allowing yourself to be seen and the true success you want to see and feel so deeply.

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